Malpas Apprentices Win U1800 KO Cup Again

The Champions

For the second year running, Malpas Apprentices have won the WCU U1800 KO Cup!! Well done to Farhan, Harry, Steve V and Steve W who defeated North Cardiff 2.5 – 1.5.  Results below and all four games are now up on the games page in the Non-League section as usual. 


Board 1: Steve Williams    1-0      Robert Dineen
Board 2: Vince Williams  0.5-0.5    Steve Vickery
Board 3: Harry Duff        0-1      Simon Blackmore
Board 4: Ian Willison      0-1      Farhan Shataly 

After a lengthy battle, Malpas were tied at 1.5 points each. The remaining game was on board one and was heading for a draw – which would have lost Malpas their crown. 

Luckily for us, and after playing a solid game thus far, our North Cardiff opponent chose this moment to make a key mistake. Black to move…    

Malpas AGM 2010

This just in from Dave Williams:

25th August 2010 is the provisional date for the Malpas Club AGM. Any motions for the AGM should be proposed and seconded and mailed to me by 25th July 2010. Any officers not intending to stand for election please let me know. Minutes for 2009 AGM will be circulated next month.

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You may have noticed that the News page (indeed the whole website) has changed – hopefully for the better!  The previous News page can be found in the “Old News” post below.  Good luck with all your chess games!

Best wishes,
Steve Williams.

MCC Championship – Enter Now

It’s time for another MCC Championship – can Gary hold on to the title this year?

To enter, please email Mark Emblem asap.

Best of luck to all!!

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