WCU U1800 Championship – Caerphilly

The first U1800 knock-out championship game is against Caerphilly on 19th February. Please contact Dave Williams for more details.

WCU U1800 KO Cup Draw



This from Kevin Stavely: 

Please find attached the draws for the Welsh Club KO Cup. If I have sent these to the wrong person can you please pass them on and tell me.
Note, there are different deadlines for the Open compared to U1800 and U1500.
OPEN:  1st round to be played by 28th Feb:
U1800 and U1500: Preliminery Round to be played by 31st Jan, 1st round to be played by 28th Feb.
Please try to keep to these deadlines so we do not fall behind.
Send all results to me. I’ve attached a result sheet.
If you have any difficulties contacting opponents please tell me.
Best wishes

WCU KO Cups 2012

This just in from Andrew Trickey:

Please find attached the draw for this year’s start of the WKO Cup competitions.

Please adhere to the deadlines for games to be played, so as to ensure a smooth running competition, and to allow plenty of playing time between now and July 1st. (Finals Day).

Open Cup – R1 (to be played by 1/4/2012)

Cardiff vs White Knights
Nidum vs Bridgend Time Lords
Newport vs Barry
Cardigan vs Malpas

U1800 Cup – R1

Prelim Match – Abergavenny vs White Knights (to be played by 4/3/2012)

R1 Proper (to be played by 8/4/2012)

Malpas vs Caerphilly
Cardiff vs Newport
Penarth vs Bridgend Jedi
Prelim Winner vs Morriston

U1500 Cup

Prelim Match – Bridgend vs Newport (to be played by 4/3/2012)

Semi Finals (to be played by 3/6/2012)

Barry vs Cardiff
Prelim Winner vs Penarth

U1200 – no teams

Please let me have Captain information as soon as possible, and notify me when fixtures have been arranged.

Best Regards


U1800 Plate Results !!

With wins from Farhan Shataly and Dave Roberts, Malpas Apprentices won the U1800 Plate Final against White Knights on board count! Well done to all and we hope to see the Apprentices back in action winning more trophies next year.

In the Open Plate Final, Malpas Seniors were heavily out-rated on all boards but managed to garner a half-point thanks to Ron Williams.

U1800 Plate Latest

Malpas Apprentices 2.5 v Malpas Seniors 1.5
1. Steve Williams   0   v Nick Davies   1
2. Farhan Shataly   1   v Ron Williams  0
3. Dave Roberts    1/2  v Wyn Howells  1/2
4. Simon Tang       1   v Mark Emblem   0

The Apprentices now go on to play Castell Nedd  –  very well done to Farhan, Dave and Simon who managed to get us through!

Apprentices 2 – 2 Morriston

Malpas Apprentices drew this match (the WCU U1800 KO Cup) with wins from Dave Roberts and Steve Williams, but the team lost on board count.  The Apprentices and the Seniors are now out of the U1800 for this year, but there’s always the Plate!

Some game(s) are on the site, Non-League 2010-2011 section.

Malpas Apprentices Win U1800 KO Cup Again

The Champions

For the second year running, Malpas Apprentices have won the WCU U1800 KO Cup!! Well done to Farhan, Harry, Steve V and Steve W who defeated North Cardiff 2.5 – 1.5.  Results below and all four games are now up on the games page in the Non-League section as usual. 


Board 1: Steve Williams    1-0      Robert Dineen
Board 2: Vince Williams  0.5-0.5    Steve Vickery
Board 3: Harry Duff        0-1      Simon Blackmore
Board 4: Ian Willison      0-1      Farhan Shataly 

After a lengthy battle, Malpas were tied at 1.5 points each. The remaining game was on board one and was heading for a draw – which would have lost Malpas their crown. 

Luckily for us, and after playing a solid game thus far, our North Cardiff opponent chose this moment to make a key mistake. Black to move…