Depleted Malpas team fall to Cwmbran

On Tuesday night a depleted Malpas A nearly manged to achieve a draw against Cwmbran Crows but slipped to a narrow defeat.

Nick lost against John Thornton and I lost an interesting tussle against Bob Hurn to leave Malpas 2-0 down . However Dave Turner pipped Jon Gilbert to leave everything hingeing on the game between Dave Williams and Steve Williams. With both players running short on time Dave launched a fierce kingside attack but Steve managed to survive and earned a hard fought draw.

Malpas Squads 2013-2014

The new Malpas squads are:

A – Paul Hatchett, Dave Turner, Nick Davies, Paul Tew

B – Rob Taylor, James Lavender, Ron Williams, Dave Williams, Steve Williams

C – Wynn Howells, Dave Roberts, Simon Tang, Graham Johnson,  (Paul Tew, Steve Williams)

D – Mark Emblem, Richard Livermore (new member)  Dave Williams, Ron Williams, (Wynn Howells, Dave Roberts)


2013/2014 Fixture List

Ron Williams has now supplied the 2013/2014 fixture list which you can read below.

Newport League Fixtures 2013-14 Final

Dear All,
I attach the fixture list for the new season.  Please let me know if you have any queries or foresee any problems.
I should be grateful if you would provide the name, telephone number and
email address for the captain of each of your teams before the season
starts – I already have this information for Cwmbran and partial
information for Abergavenny.  Match Captains should also ensure that
they are familiar with rule changes resulting from the Gwent CA AGM in
June.  A copy of the rules, with AGM changes highlighted, will be on the
Gwent CA website shortly.
Best wishes for an enjoyable season.

Malpas A Win Division One !!


An amazing result from the A-Team as they clinch the Division One title!  Well done to all and I’m sure you’ll agree this is great news for Malpas Chess Club.   A word from Gary below:


“Congratulations and thanks to all who contributed, including the “core” players, Joseph (Dave) Turner, Robert Taylor and James Lavender but also Steve Vickery, Farhan Shataly and Peter Kirby.
A wonderful achievement!!”

Malpas D Team are Runners-Up!


Well done to the D Team who were runners-up in Division 2!

Newport League Fixtures 2012-2013

This just in from Ron:


Dear All,
I attach the Newport League Fixtures 2012-13.  Please let me know asap if you have any queries or foresee any problems. 
Pontypool have provided me with details of their team captains and,of course, i have this information for Malpas.  I should be grateful if Abergavenny, Cwmbran and Newport would provide me with the names and contact details (telephone and email address) for the captains of each of their teams.
Best wishes for an enjoyable season,

MCC Squads 2012-2013


Malpas Chess Club Squads for the 2012/2013 Season

Please note that although these are primary squads it is expected to be commonplace for players to be approached by the captains of other teams about their availability to play for that team, even in other divisions. It is also expected that in such instances the “borrowing” captain will have agreed this with the “lending” captain in advance, i.e. to ensure that there no rule infringements and/or to ensure that this does not affect the player’s ability to play for their primary team later in the season.


A Team (Div 1) B Team (Div 1) C Team (Div 2) D Team (Div 2)
Captain Captain Captain Captain
Gary Thomas Nick Davies Wyn Howells Ron Williams
Players (in no particular   order) Players (in no particular   order) Players (in no particular   order) Players (in no particular   order)
Gary Thomas

Dave Turner

Steve Vickery

Robert Taylor

Paul Tew

James Lavender

Dave Roberts

Nick Davies

Ron Williams

Steve Williams

Dave Williams

Wyn Howells

Farhan Shataly

Paul Hatchett

Wyn Howells

Paul Tew



Simon Tang

Ron Williams

Graham Johnson

Mark Emblem

James Lavender

Dave Roberts


If anyone thinks I have made a mistake interpreting Ron’s handwriting on this, please let me know!

Thank you and Good Luck for the season!




Games Wanted !!

Malpas players, if you have league or non-league games you want on the site, please email them to me.  Games will be on the Games page.  Good luck!

Registration Fees

To all members, if you have any views on the following email from Jon Gilbert, please contact Jon directly.


Hi all,
The new season has now just started so just a reminder to you all to start arranging your clubs subscription fees…..
The collections/payments last year went really well so thanks for all your efforts, it made my first season as Gwent treasurer a relatively easy one.
The aim date for your initial club list is again the 31st October and the fees are the same as last year i.e
                                         WCU         Gwent
Adults                                  £10      +     £2        =  £12
Adults (over 75 years)                  £10      +     free      =  £10
Juniors                                  £7      +     50p       =£7.50
New members (1st season)               free            free
in addition for a club, each team in the N&D remains as £1
Cheques payable to the Gwent County Chess Association
thanks, Jon

Abergavenny – New Venue

This just in from Andy Owen:


New Venue, new club night (which you’ll see from the fixture list)

Directions below.

Please, please, please note the following: we have a restricted time, and are requested to vacate the premises no later than 10:30.  So, we will have to play +15′ at the end, +30′ will not be an option.

Also, clocks will have to be started relatively promptly, regrettably if you arrive after 7:30 the
clocks are likely to be going.

Please pass this onto as many as you need to.


Andy Owen

Abergavenny Chess Club 

Now playing at Abergavenny Rugby Club on Wednesday

We need to vacate the premises by around 10:30, so,
regrettably, all matches will need to start promptly and will need to be at the
shorter of the available time limits, namely, clocks back 15 minutes, rather
than 30 minutes. 

Directions as follows: 

From the Hardwick roundabout, (the big double one joining
Heads of Valleys, Pontypool Road, Hereford and Raglan). 

Proceed into Abergavenny town, direction A40. 

In town centre, road turns sharp right (so please do
so) just before the Angel Hotel. 

Continue for about 300 metres until traffic lights (Esso
garage will be on your right) 

Turn left at these lights, direction Brecon A40. 

Take your first right, which will be after about 250

A large car park will be on your right

Proceed for about 100 metres to the entrance to the car

Abergavenny RFC is straight in front of you. 

Car park is free at the time you will be arriving. 

And especially for our friends from Malpas, there is a bar ! 

If you get lost, and no one knows where the RFC is, ask
for directions to Robert Price Builders Merchant and the car park above is