Chess and Beer Evening

Hi all,

Hope you can attend next Monday’s chess and beer evening at the Star Inn, Mamhilad.

More opening theory, coaching for beginners, looking at games, Brexit discussions, North Korea, life the universe and everything. Feel free to bring along one of your games to show off or analyse. Send in your suggestions.

See you there


Play the Public in John Frost Square !!

Saturday 4th September, 11am – 4pm

In John Frost Square, Newport, Brian Heath is planning on a Play the Public display and is looking for club members to join in.   Hopefully this will attract some new players!


It’s an Illusion!

Take a good look and decide which is the black knight and which is the white knight.  Then take a look at the squares that the knights are standing on  – which is the white square and which is the dark?

Hard to believe, but both knights, and both squares that they are standing on, are the same shade.  If you don’t believe this, you can cut holes in a piece of paper to show a small patch of each knight/square, or you can paste the image into a paint application and check the RGB properties.

This and other optical illusions can be found on the eChalk illusions page.

Claymation Chess !!

So this is what Morph is up to these days… click below to see this ingenious claymation chess video, played out to the music of Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King”.