The Malpas Chess Club AGM will be held at The Usk Vale (formerly the Gladiator), Pillmawr Road, Malpas on Wednesday 7th September at 7:30pm.

An agenda has been sent via email.


Shoes Refurb & AGM

From Ron Williams:

Just to let you know that the ‘Shoes’ will be closed for refurbishment from Sunday 14th August.  At present I have no idea how long the closure will last but will advise you when I know more.

Dave Williams will contact you about arrangements for the AGM, which is likely to be on Wednesday, 7th September. Because of the closure of the Shoes and the large backlog of unplayed games I am extending the period for completion of the club championship until the end of the year.

Malpas AGM 2015

From Ron Williams (please email Ron if you want the documents):

Hi All,

I attach the Agenda for the Malpas Chess Club AGM, to be held at the Three Horseshoes, Malpas on Wednesday 9th September 2015. A copy of the minutes of last year’s AGM is also attached.

Any motions for consideration by the meeting should be submitted to me in writing, duly seconded, by 6th September.



PS I should be grateful if Warren could inform Craig about the meeting – I have no email address for him. I shall inform Dave Turner.



AGM Agenda 2013

Agenda for Malpas AGM 2013

This just in from Ron Williams (the minutes will have been emailed to members and are not posted here):

Dear All,
I attach the Agenda for the Malpas Chess Club AGM , to be held at the Three Horseshoes, Malpas on Wednesday 18th September 2013.
A copy of the minutes of last year’s meeting is also attached. 
Any motions for consideration by the meeting should be submitted to me in writing, duly seconded, by 10th September.
Best wishes,

Malpas AGM 18th Sep

The Malpas AGM will take place on Wednesday 18th September, further details to follow.

MCC Squads 2012-2013


Malpas Chess Club Squads for the 2012/2013 Season

Please note that although these are primary squads it is expected to be commonplace for players to be approached by the captains of other teams about their availability to play for that team, even in other divisions. It is also expected that in such instances the “borrowing” captain will have agreed this with the “lending” captain in advance, i.e. to ensure that there no rule infringements and/or to ensure that this does not affect the player’s ability to play for their primary team later in the season.


A Team (Div 1) B Team (Div 1) C Team (Div 2) D Team (Div 2)
Captain Captain Captain Captain
Gary Thomas Nick Davies Wyn Howells Ron Williams
Players (in no particular   order) Players (in no particular   order) Players (in no particular   order) Players (in no particular   order)
Gary Thomas

Dave Turner

Steve Vickery

Robert Taylor

Paul Tew

James Lavender

Dave Roberts

Nick Davies

Ron Williams

Steve Williams

Dave Williams

Wyn Howells

Farhan Shataly

Paul Hatchett

Wyn Howells

Paul Tew



Simon Tang

Ron Williams

Graham Johnson

Mark Emblem

James Lavender

Dave Roberts


If anyone thinks I have made a mistake interpreting Ron’s handwriting on this, please let me know!

Thank you and Good Luck for the season!




Malpas Chess Club AGM


Please note that the Malpas Chess Club AGM will take place at the Three Horseshoes pub on Wednesday 5th September, commencing at 1900hrs.

Here is the proposed Agenda.

1. Chairmans Opening Statement
2. Officers Reports for 2011/2012 season (Club, Captain, A Team Captain, B Team Captain, C Team Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Website Administrator)
3. Motions and Voting (including subscription level setting)
4. Teams and Squad composition for 2012/2013 season
5. Election of Officers for 2012/2013 season
6. Chairmans Closing Staterment

If anyone has any agenda items they wish to add or motions they wish to propose please submit these to me in writing before Sunday 2nd Sept.

If I’ve missed anyone from the distribution of this mail please let me know or pass it on.

Thank you.


WCU AGM – Agenda

This just in from John Thornton (Agenda can be downloaded here):

Hello everyone
Please find attached a copy of the Agenda for the WCU AGM. My apologies if you get more than one copy of this if you are on a couple of distribution lists. The Agenda can also be found on the WCU website along with those directors reports which have been sent for inclusion there, and the relevant accounts.
Will club secretaries either forward the details to their members, or let them know about the meeting otherwise – all members are entitled to attend.
Please note that the room has been booked from 6:30pm-10:30pm – I do not know whether we will be allowed in any earlier than 6:30, so we may need some time to gather and set up. It may be the case therefore that the meeting does not start promptly at 6:30.
On a not entirely unrelated point, it is usually around this time of year that clubs and zones hold their own AGMs. If I have got contact details wrong or these have changed and will need changing for the 2012-13 yearbook, please send the corrected details to Tony Gutteridge the Yearbook editor so that details for the 2012-3 yearbook are as correct as we can make them.
If zone secretaries also notice that a club secretary has not been included in the distribution list, this is probably because I have no known e-mail address. If so, please inform that club, and hopefully identify such an address to go into the next yearbook.
John Thornton pp W Harle (Ex.D.)

AGM Photos

Take a look at the Gallery to see three new photos from the 2011 AGM!

Malpas AGM – 6th Sep

Just a quick note to say that the Malpas AGM is set provisionally for Tuesday 6th September.