Warren Brown

Nick Davies

“The Tactician” One of the original (his jokes are very original) founder members of the club in 1994, Nick ‘The Tactician’ Davies is a fearless player. While the rest of us cringe at the thought of playing a 2000+ player (a 1600+ player in some cases), Nick fears nobody. “He’s not that good – I’ll have him” he’ll say – and that’s before the seven pints of Guinness that he regularly partakes on a club night. And this season his strategy is paying off… His team talks are an inspiration and his post match comments (“How could you play that move?”) are legendary. I see he is also after our money so maybe he is the Treasurer as well as the captain – or maybe he needs a new jacket? I don’t know what’s going on, I really don’t. Maybe he’s gradually taking the club over – today Malpas, tomorrow Slough. Nick does have other interests apart from chess (unlike some we could name…). Apparently, he still plays football (I know, at his age) and he is rumoured to be a neat pool player. But most evenings he is more than happy to just sit there in the Shoes and drink, swap repartee, play the odd game and have a good laugh. I can’t help wondering if he’s the social secretary as well….

Mark Emblem

"The Historian"
It is customary for many chess clubs to have an old fogey and one of those
players with such appalling blunders that you feel good about your own chess.
In a cunning economic move Malpas have managed to find both in one player. Rumoured
to have first played chess when it was still known as “shah” and to have been one
of the models for the Isle of Lewis Chess Set, Mark lulls his opponents into a
state of euphoria by playing appalling openings, followed by crass middle games.
His endings may be bad as well, but so few of his games get there who would know ?
Returning this season after about a quarter of a century layoff , he is dragging
the B team to new lows. His favourite player is Fischer , but whether this is former
World Champion Robert James or frog Jeremy is unclear.

Paul Hatchett

Wyn Howells

Graham Johnson

James Lavender

Richard Livermore

Dave Roberts

Farhan Shataly

"The Assassin"

Simon Tang

"Danger Mouse"
I joined Malpas Chess Club in October 2004, where my unique style of erratic
play and hoping for the best continues to astound everyone (though admittedly
not always in a good way). I taught myself chess in primary school and took great
pleasure in thrashing kids with my legendary 4 - move checkmates. However, at
the moment I'm having a tough time recreating these good times in tournament
games where all too often my best move usually involves shaking my opponents
hand and resigning. Whilst doing A Levels, I played chess during my free periods
where I became undisputed champion of Mr Gray's Maths class 1997-1999, a proud
achievement that will never be surpassed by any grandmaster title. My enjoyment
of the game continued into my university years, where I misused computing
resources to play chess online, sometimes stopping to go to lectures. I currently
work in Internet Banking, enjoy watching movies and sometimes attempt to keep fit.

Robert Taylor

Paul Tew

Gary Thomas

"The Grinder"

Dave Turner

Steve Vickery

Steve lives, breathes and eats Chess. Steve’s first season was 2004 – 2005. Under
the beady eye of Gary Thomas and with plenty of dedication and enthusiasm, Steve
has quickly developed from complete novice to formidable player. Steve has a
patient, calculating method of play. He spends many an evening at The Three
Horseshoes honing his prowess on the chessboard and is considered part of the
furniture, on some occasions actually mistaken for a piece of furniture. Steve
works as a sewing machine engineer. A jack-of-all-trades, he also plays goalie
for Malpas Football Club and is quite handy at darts and pool. Little known
facts about Steve: Steve listens to the Rocky music “Eye of the Tiger” before
every Chess match to get him in a winning mood. Steve cuts his toast into
Chess shaped pieces before he eats it.

Dave Williams

"The Captain"
Nationality Welsh (although birthplace Hereford!?) Occupation Insurance Agent.
Married with 2 daughters (youngest daughter Laura represented Welsh Schools
in UK Chess GIGA Finals at Nottingham University in 1998) I learnt to play
chess at age 10, bought first chess book at age 13 and was Caerleon School chess
champion in 1970 and 1971. My favourite player has always been Bobby Fischer.
I transferred to Croesyceiliog School for one year and played for the school
chess team. That same year I joined Newport Chess Club. I played in the Welsh
U18 Chess Championships in 1972 and scored 4 points out of a possible 7. On
5th February 1972 I represented what was then Monmouthshire against East
Glamorgan on board 20. My last over-the-board game at that time was on
3rd April 1972. From this point I started playing correspondence chess and was
a member of the BCCS from 22nd September 1972 to until 11th November 1994. Gary,
Nick and Richard formed Malpas Chess Club in 1994. I read an article in the
South Wales Argus announcing that the club had formed and discovered the club
met at the Three Horseshoes pub in Malpas. I then met Gary and was recruited
to the squad. I played my first comeback game on 9th November 1994 against Newport
Dragons in the Newport and District League, 2nd Division. The club has played in
the first division of the N&D League for many seasons since 1994. I have been
club captain for a few seasons. My other interests include sport, history and
wildlife. I grew up in Caerleon where my parents still live and played for
Caerleon RFC, on the wing. I also played rugby for Newport youth and played one
game for Newport United. I once ran a marathon in 3 hours and 41 minutes and
ran a half marathon in 1 hour 44 minutes. My rugby heroes are Gerald Davies
and Barry John.

Ron Williams

Steve Williams

"The Mystery Man"
Cardiff-born Steve joined Malpas in the 2004-2005 season and has been enjoying
himself ever since.  He works in the IT industry and currently maintains the
Malpas web site (so now you know who to blame).  His favourite player is Paul
Morphy and on one occasion Steve ate breakfast at Morphy’s house (now a restaurant)
in New Orleans.  Needless to say, the magic didn’t rub off....

The above is in alphabetic order